Orasac hotel will make sure that everything is tailored to your wishes. Each flower, decoration, second. The difference is in the details, and it is essential to newlyweds experience.

 Nearby is the Church of St. Luke, which makes our hotel an ideal location for organizing wedding events.

The professional staff will make your wedding preparations less stressful, and will help in the necessary preparations. We'll give you trusted advice on all aspects of the wedding, including the menu and wine list.

We are ideal for large wedding celebrations.

 Explain the details of our and your wedding.

Our wedding last 7 hours. We hope that this is enough to get all the good time.

We entrusted the photo professional. Only he can photo your ceremony, which is due to the quality, and in your best  interest.

To make the space friendly we, flower decorate it. Particular attention is paid to a weding table. This service is charged separately.

The newlyweds have their wedding night free-  accommodation at our best suite.

For all guests we offer lower prices in housing.

We can help you with all the details that are essential to your wedding - music, wedding dresses, extra decoration ... Stress-free wedding.